Weed Control

Weed Control

Effective broadleaf control depends on temperature, humidity, and stage of growth. Herbicides aren't effective until temperatures warm up a bit, like around April or May. Applying them any earlier is really just a waste of time and waiting until things really heat up to apply herbicide can be just as wasteful. Once weeds are established and the daily temps are hot, most weed controls fail to keep weeds at bay. The solution? Fertilawn's processes attack at just the right time with a pre-emergent herbicide that soaks into the soil and then applies a second and third herbicide mix through the season to catch any of the stragglers.

Treating weeds is not unlike a continuous chemistry experiment where weather, timing and overall growing conditions are all factors. We know the chemistry and when it will be the most effective. If you sign up for our complete lawn care program, you can be assured that you'll receive season-long weed control.

Weeds Ruin the Beauty of Your Lawn

Weeds are any unwanted plant that grows in a garden or lawn. They are considered eyesores; they make lawns look less attractive by growing in random places. They also jeopardize the health of your landscape or lawn by reducing the nutrients, water, and growing space available to wanted plants. Controlling weed growth then is crucial in maintaining the health and overall appearance of a lawn.

Invasive and Difficult to Control

Unfortunately, weed control is easier said than done. It is not only a time-consuming and laborious job but also very frustrating. Weeds are difficult to control or eliminate. You kill some today, and the next morning, you find new ones next to your rose bush or the edge of your lawn. You’d swear they grew overnight!

Weed Control

Weeds are invasive. They have the ability to grow in just about any place and any condition – cracks in pavements, compacted soil, loose soil, salty earth, etcetera. They produce seeds profusely. When a flower sets seeds, they are carried by the wind to other places, where they germinate and grow into new plants. They also spread via roots. This is why they would still grow if you failed to completely remove the roots. Weeds also sprout and grow more quickly than wanted plants.

Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky understands how frustrating lawn and garden care can be for homeowners and commercial property owners. This is why our company offers weed control services that take care of your weed problems. We make it easy for you to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn by offering comprehensive lawn care services.

Customized Weed Control Plan

When you partner with Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky for your lawn care and weed control needs, you are assured of the best services possible. We usually create customized programs to effectively fight the different kinds of weeds in your property. We understand that every lawn is unique, and we tailor our solutions to the specific issues that you have.

The reason behind the success of our weed control programs is our understanding of weed characteristics and growth patterns. Once we’ve identified the unwanted plants, we create a master plan that includes the use of the most effective tools and methods. For example, weeds, such as crabgrass and annual bluegrass, are better controlled, using pre-emergent herbicides applied in the spring and fall, while some broadleaf weeds yield better to post-emergent herbicides. At Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky, we use only industry-approved products that effectively combat weeds without harming the grass or wanted plants in a lawn.

The Weed Control Expert You Can Trust

Immediate action and appropriate solutions are always needed if you want to efficiently control weeds in your property. If you see the first signs of weed invasion, call Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky. We will send an expert to your area to identify the weed species and then design a management plan that works specifically for your lawn. Time is of the essence when it comes to weed control, so call us at (502) 422-2399 today.

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