If your lawn is thinning out, appearing weak or just not as healthy looking as it should be, overseeding may be your answer. We overseed with a quality grass seed to rejuvenate your lawn, keeping it thicker and healthier, resulting in less pesticide requirement.

Overseeding is by far most effective when done in conjunction with Core Aeration. Core Aerating before overseeding will dramatically increase the germination rate of the seed used. When overseeding a property, we use only premium grass seed mixes with three different cultivars of perennial rye grass seed - an excellent premium mix specifically designed for overseeding applications.

What is Overseeding?

Overseeding, or reseeding, is the process of adding a layer of grass seed over an existing lawn without tearing up the turf and starting from scratch. It is used to restore a worn-out looking lawn to its lush and healthy condition.

Since grass deteriorates over time, it becomes susceptible to winter and summer stressors, insect infestation, and diseases. It would also require more fertilizers and water to remain healthy. Accordingly, turf problems are manifested in the general appearance of your lawn such as brown patches and thin areas. Fortunately, they can be easily addressed with reseeding, the most cost-efficient way of solving such problems.

Ask the Experts in Lawn Care

Contact Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky today if your lawn is showing stress due to drought, insect damage, and turf diseases. You can also ask us to schedule a visit to your property. One of our reseeding experts will survey and evaluate your lawn’s condition to see if it can be fixed using overseeding method or if a totally new lawn would be a better option. In addition, our reseeding specialist can also determine the problems that have caused your turf to deteriorate and provide solutions to correct them.


It is important that these problems be corrected first before reseeding or they will cause the reseeded lawn to deteriorate, too. These problems include poor soil condition, inadequate moisture, soil compaction, and poor air circulation.

Benefits of Overseeding

Overseeding is great not only for rejuvenating an old lawn. When done annually, it can maintain the appeal and health of a young lawn. More specifically, reseeding is used to:

  • Fill in turf areas damaged by environmental stressors.
  • Thicken and increase the density of thin or patchy lawns.
  • Make a lawn more resistant to diseases, drought, heavy traffic, shady conditions, and winter damage.
  • Improve the lawn’s overall appearance.
  • Reduce the amount of water, fertilizer, and pesticides needed to maintain a lawn.

Why Hire Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky?

There’s more to overseeding than simply putting new grass seeds on a lawn. To have a successful lawn reseeding, you have to understand the science behind it, including the best time of the year to do it, the type and amount of seed to use, and the ways to help seedlings grow into healthy grass plants. That’s where Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky comes in.

We have the expertise and experience in handling reseeding projects, big and small. Our team uses appropriate tools such as rotary, drop, and hand spreaders to complete the task faster and more efficiently. We also consider several factors, such as the condition of the soil and grass, when reseeding lawns. For example, we carefully check if the soil is loose, well-drained, or compacted. The current condition of the turf is also assessed. We check if the grass remains weak and thin even after a weed-and-feed program.

If you think overseeding is a job too complex for you or something you don’t have the time or the knowledge to ensure a successful job, contact Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky today. You’ll be glad you did.

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