Insect/Grub Control

Insect/Grub Control

Maintaining a healthy lawn is not an easy job for some homeowners, especially if their area is prone to pest infestation. While the best option is to use pest-resistant turf, there are still cases when an infestation can’t be prevented. Grubs, for example, dig in 4 to 8 inches below the ground which makes grub control and treatment difficult. They are usually discovered when brown patches appear on the lawn.

Specialists in Insect Control

Japanese beetles (grubs), mole crickets, sod webworm, cut worms, chinch bugs, and billbugs are some of the insects that may infest your lawn. When this happens, contact lawn care experts to ensure these pests are controlled and eliminated before damaging your precious lawn. Professionals like us at Fertilawn of Kentucky are adept on the proper approaches and methods in insect control. We are knowledgeable on the specific threats or damages that may be caused by these pests.

Moreover, insect control must be handled carefully since there are methods that require using insecticides and chemical solutions. At Fertilawn, we don't harm the environment by using only industry-approved insecticides in all of our insect control projects. Chemical treatments are systematically applied so that maximum effects are attained, thereby eliminating those pests and bringing back your lawn’s health.

Effective Grub Control

Grubs must be controlled before they cause severe damage on your healthy and lush lawn. Since they live and feed in root zone, you may not notice the infestation until brown patches begin to appear on your yard.

Insect/Grub Control

The effectiveness of any grub control job is highly dependent on the time or season it is performed. Beetles usually lay their eggs in summer so the infestation is at its peak in late summer or early fall. This is also the time when young grubs do their greatest damage. That's why we always suggest applying insecticide during these seasons. Meanwhile, we can also perform preventive control measures if there is a consistent attack on your lawn.

To ensure that re-infestation will not occur, various approaches are used in the prevention and control of grubs, which may include natural and chemical treatments. Some of the natural methods we use in grub control are dethatching, overseeding, deep lawn watering, and regular lawn maintenance.

Why Hire Us for Insect and Grub Control Jobs?

Let Fertilawn of Kentucky do the job of controlling and eliminating insects and grubs on your lawn. We employ insect and grub control methods that are proven safe and effective.

We will perform a thorough inspection of your property to determine if a grub control job is needed. We will do this by taking turf samples from different areas on your lawn. If we found 10 or more grubs per square foot of lawn sample, grub treatment is necessary. In some instances where the number is below 10, other factors are considered first before recommending a comprehensive grub treatment. These factors may include the current health of your grass and the presence of natural controls such as irrigation practices and the use of beneficial nematodes.

Fertilawn of Kentucky is your best ally in controlling insect and grub problems on your lawn. Call us now at (502) 422-2399 to get professional service at a cost that you can afford.

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