Fungicide/Disease Control

Fungicide/Disease Control

One common problem of property owners is on how to control pests and diseases on their lawns or landscapes. Most of the times, DIY solutions may not be enough to curtail the spread of the disease or totally eliminate the infestation. If you are experiencing the same problem, call a lawn care specialist like us at Fertilawn of Kentucky. We have the expertise needed to perform the necessary disease control procedures to curb such problems. With our expert help, you can easily remedy any lawn disease that is causing damages to your precious turf.

Lawn Diseases: Just How Bad Are They?

There are several fungi and plant diseases that can affect turf and plants. Most of these can lead to the withering and dying of this greenery. In really worse attacks, an entire lawn can be damaged beyond remedy of any disease control effort, causing property owners thousands of dollars’ worth of investment.

Accordingly, the most common fungi and diseases that could affect turf and plants are:

  • Brown patch. This disease can affect both cool and warm season grass varieties, specifically fescue, Zoysia, and St. Augustine. It is characterized by the dying of stems and leaves in circular patterns.

  • Dollar spot. Here, the turf dies in a circular pattern of about 4-12 inches in width. It affects lawns in areas with mild or warm weather, such as Kentucky.

  • Red thread. If you see pink or red threads in certain spots of your lawn, then this could be the problem. It affects grass varieties common in cool areas, such as ryegrass, red fescue, and bentgrass.

  • Fairy ring. Fairy rings are circles of mushrooms surrounding turf spots and are considered to be a natural occurrence. While they do not really cause a wide impact, they are, nonetheless, hard to prevent and are typically just ignored.

  • Rust. Rust disease is characterized by yellow, red, or orange spots on stems or leaves that occur due to lack of water or absence of fertilization efforts. Rust usually affects St. Augustine and Zoysia grass varieties, as well as perennial ryegrass.

Fungicide/Disease Control

Our Disease Control Solutions

The great news is that such plant and turf diseases are perfectly “curable” and only require an expert contractor with the right tools and disease control aids. In our case, we use tested fungicide products that effectively curb the spread of most fungi-caused disease types.

We have expert personnel who determine the exact fungi that damage your greenery and then recommend and use the right fungicide solutions. Our company uses eco-friendly products that don’t harm plants and turf or the environment. They are also easy to use and provide fast results, hence proving to be very cost-efficient and potent.

Our Advantages

At Fertilawn of Kentucky, we provide professional fungicide and disease control remedies through efficient techniques and methods. We also have proper tools to help us deliver great results quickly. We have knowledgeable people who can provide quality work at the least expense possible on our clients’ part. Taken together, we offer the most comprehensive and results-oriented lawn care solutions for Kentucky homeowners and clients.

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