Crabgrass is one of the nastiest and most well-known lawn weeds. This hardy, heat-tolerant plant thrives in the hotter temps of late summer and if not attacked early in the season, may become very difficult to treat later on.

We know effective crabgrass control is a matter of properly timed applications. The earlier we can treat, the better the results. Unfortunately once crabgrass takes root, it is difficult to treat. For best results call us in the early spring before your lawn wakes up and we will get the jump on this nasty weed.

Deeper Understanding of Crabgrass

Also known as “fonio,” “watergrass,” and “finger grass,” crabgrass (scientific name: Digitaria) is considered as a lawn pest by property owners and landscaping contractors. This grass species thrives in lawns that receive inadequate irrigation, have improper drainage system, and lack substantial fertilization.

While it is technically considered as an annual plant species, it can overwhelm cultivated turf. When left untreated, it can occupy large spots in lawns and leave nasty voids where new crabgrass seeds may germinate the season that follows. Because of this, lawn owners must immediately ask for professional assistance once they see such invasive species.

Effective Preventive Measures

When it comes to ensuring that crabgrass doesn’t wreak havoc in your lawn, it’s vital to hire professionals to conduct preventive measures. With Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky, you can expect the best possible services concerning the prevention of this problem weed.

Since this weed only proliferates because of poor lawn maintenance, the easiest and best way to control it is to keep your lawn healthy and well taken care of. Our approach is focused on ensuring that your precious lawn is properly irrigated, mowed, or fertilized. We also ensure that lawns are regularly trimmed to optimum height to discourage the growth and germination of crabgrass.

No matter what subspecies of Digitaria is present in your lawn, we have the equipment and tools, skilled manpower, and fertilizers to curb their growth.

Use of Herbicides: Another Crabgrass Solution


There are times when prevention and other maintenance procedures may not be enough to totally eradicate crabgrass growth. In such case, we will use pre-emergent herbicide to remove this weed on your lawns no matter how wide its covered areas may be. This solution works by killing the seedlings when they germinate, so timing is very crucial when performing this option. We can also use post-emergent herbicide if the previous method failed.

Moreover, we only use earth-friendly herbicides that are recommended by industry experts, so you won’t have to worry about our products hurting nature.

Crabgrass Control Projects that We Can Handle

Meanwhile, Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky can work on any weed control project, whether it is for residential or commercial area. With our knowledge on how to remove every crabgrass type, we’re definitely the best contractors for the job.

Specifically, these are the areas that our expert personnel can work on:

  • Gardens
  • Theme parks
  • Public/private playgrounds
  • Private/commercial lawns
  • Golf courses
  • Sports arenas
  • Public parks
  • Orchards

Call Us Today for Your Crabgrass Problems

Whether it’s a simple crabgrass maintenance, prevention, or eradication task, we at Ferti-Lawn of Kentucky have the answer. With personnel who are trained to determine and use the best method and herbicide products, we can easily weed out this problem. We could likewise perform a thorough check of your lawn and then apply the necessary preventive or maintenance procedures. You won’t have to worry about paying high fees because we have competitive rates for our professional lawn care services.

If you have other questions and concerns, please feel free to call our hotline at (502) 422-2399, or visit our Taylorsville office.

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